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Exhibit at the HMA

Exciting News! The SUFFRAGE exhibit will be up and running October 31st.  I am honored to be  a part of the SUFFRAGE exhibit at the Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, NC on display until January 2021. This special show  is a tribute to the women that fought relentlessly for women to gain the right to vote. The piece featured here is called "Suffrage: Women in White" 48" x 48"


Please come out and visit the museum and see this amazing event!

*Details to follow soon*


Coming Soon to Amazon 

I am excited to explore my illustrative creativity in this new project that stars my sweet pup in a new children's book I've been working on. The story explains how lovable she is despite her very crooked teeth and less than attractive appearance. She has to overcome moving to a new area and making an impression on the new people.

Aricle about Tracy C Gansrow artwork

New Series

I have revisited my series of Girls in White Dresses with a new collection of paintings that push the boundaries more with abstraction of shapes and loose edges. The exploration of the way light plays on white fabric has always intrigued me. I have been a great admirer of John Singer Sargent's work especially his watercolors of women outdoors.  I started this series of paintings that focus on the way the light hits young women in the flowing dresses. In my previous series I focused more on the girls and their environment, their innocence and strength. In this new series I hope to focus more on the mood and the fabric itself.

Girls in White Dresses

"Girls in White Dresses" a unique exhibit at the Charleston Artists Guild Gallery is featured in the Post & Courier newspaper

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